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t_neorv32_spi Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint8_t * ptrSpiBuf
uint8_t uint8Csn
uint16_t uint16Fifo
uint32_t uint32Total
volatile uint32_t uint32Write
volatile uint32_t uint32Read
volatile uint8_t uint8IsBusy

Field Documentation

◆ ptrSpiBuf

uint8_t* t_neorv32_spi::ptrSpiBuf

SPI buffer data pointer

◆ uint16Fifo

uint16_t t_neorv32_spi::uint16Fifo

Number of elements in Fifo

◆ uint32Read

volatile uint32_t t_neorv32_spi::uint32Read

From SPI core read elements

◆ uint32Total

uint32_t t_neorv32_spi::uint32Total

Number of elements in buffer

◆ uint32Write

volatile uint32_t t_neorv32_spi::uint32Write

To SPI core write elements

◆ uint8Csn

uint8_t t_neorv32_spi::uint8Csn

SPI chip select channel

◆ uint8IsBusy

volatile uint8_t t_neorv32_spi::uint8IsBusy

Spi Core is Busy

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